English as a Second Language


A program designed to increase English language proficiency for non-native English speaking students.

The mission of the EAL program (previously the ESL program) is to create a learning environment that encourages assimilation into the second language and culture while maintaining respect for and pride in their cultural and linguistic heritage.

The competence level of the English of non-native speakers is assessed when students first come to the school. Students whose level is below that required for first language English take the English as a Second Language course in Key Stage 4. Students whose level of English is low, but who demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn, maybe given additional, intensive support until they are able to access the curriculum independently. This involves withdrawal from certain lessons for one to one support to develop essential basic reading and spelling skills, vocabulary and sentence structure. Such support is short-term with the objective of helping the student to reach a level where they will be able to function on their own in the classroom as quickly as possible.

Many students with special educational needs are also in the early stages of learning the English language. The Learning Support faculty works in close collaboration with the EAL Department to ensure that language targets and strategies are incorporated into IEP’s and that a consistent approach is maintained in addressing a child’s needs.


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