Learning Support


We operate an inclusive education policy. This is reflected in our non-selective admissions policy and the integration of children with special educational needs into the mainstream classroom. We recognise the many factors that may influence the rate at which a child develops academically and socially.

In addition to our admission assessments, there is a thorough process of referral, assessment, provision and monitoring in place for students with special educational needs. Students with special educational needs are entered onto the school’s Learning Support register and Individual Education Plans (IEP) are formulated for those students who require them. These give teachers detailed information about the students’ needs, the level of support they are receiving and suggest strategies for teachers to use in the classroom. This allows teachers to differentiate the curriculum and adapt classroom environments to optimise learning opportunities.

IEPs and targets are reviewed regularly by Learning Support staff in collaboration with classroom teachers, assistants and parents. We place great importance on the relationship between teachers, parents and students, and there is a very active and supportive SEN parent support group (STAR).


Learning support for students is delivered in-class, in small groups or one to one withdrawal depending on the nature of the activity and the specific needs of the student. Our focus is not wholly academic as we also endeavour to foster students’ social skills and self-esteem. This support is further extended by the Learning Support Assistant professional development programme.


Some children have needs like ADHD, which mean that they would find it difficult to work on their own in a classroom. At Grace Mission International School we have developed a programme where a child can have individual support from a Learning Support Assistant so that they can be educated in a mainstream class environment with their peers. The Learning Support Assistants have been trained by our specialist Learning Support teachers and coordinators so that they can plan and deliver individual support programmes to children within the mainstream classroom. This support could be full-time or a percentage of mainstream teaching time.


There are times when a child’s learning requires further investigation by other professionals. Our school has good links with other support agencies in Ujjain including educational psychologists, speech and occupational therapists. These professionals do come to our school when necessary to assess children and also have their own facilities where our students may receive additional focused support relating to their particular needs.


This is available to students who have been invited to attend via their teacher, tutor, support staff or parents, as well as students currently on the High School Learning Support Register. The Homework Club runs Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm. This is an opportunity for students to seek assistance with homework, revise work covered in class or receive extra instruction in the material they might have found difficult to understand initially. The Homework Club is staffed by members of the High School Learning Support team, who provides targeted and general support in a friendly environment with access to ICT facilities and academic resources.


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