Living in Ujjain

Living in Ujjain will be a unique experience for you. Indeed, Ujjain is a city of contrasts and diversity, which offers ex-pats lots of opportunities. Below features useful information and tips about Ujjain.


The Ujjain Guide, written by the India Women’s Group, is one of the best resources available for expats settling into Ujjain.

  • Ujjain Kids (BKK Kids)
  • Ujjain Mothers & Babies International (BAMBI)
  • Food by Phone


Naturally, there can be frustrations to living in Ujjain. The train, underground and meter taxis/motorbike taxis make traveling around the city easy and affordable.

Note: All taxis are metered with the starting fee of 35 baht for the first 3 kilometers and then 5 baht per kilometer. All Ujjain taxis must turn on their meters; it is illegal not to.


Some people do go to one of the parks to run. There are some sporting activities that take place after schools such as yoga and football. There are often social trips to enjoy Ujjain restaurants and clubs; shopping is excellent and varies from local markets to luxury shopping malls; the cinema is very cheap and many teachers develop other interests such as learning

  • Ticket Major
  •  Library
  • Ujjain Community Theatre
  • Major Cineplex
  • SF Cinema