Parent Management Group

Who is the PMG (Parent Management Group)

Our mission is to work together for the common good of our student body and to foster goodwill and clear communication among parents, teachers, and students. The PMG is managed and represented by the PMG Committee, which is elected at the end of every school year

The PMG Committee meets at least once a month to discuss issues that have been raised by parents, teachers, or students – and to plan and organize school-wide events such as International Day or Fun Day.

At regular intervals, a PMG meeting is held for all interested parents. The PMG meeting serves the purpose of sharing information, raising concerns from either group and discussing future plans. At the PMG meeting, gives a general update on school issues. Other speakers – either students or teachers – may give a brief update on specific events that are of interest to the wider school community. The PMG meeting is an opportunity for parents to raise issues they are concerned about – or to let us know what they are pleased with and would like to see more of!


Please get in touch at if you have comments or would like to get involved!