Take on our Global Campus Personal Challenge Expedition

Our camp provides a remarkable backdrop for challenge and adventure. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your child to explore and stretch their physical limits in a fun and safe environment.

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Personal Challenge Expedition

This expedition is about students setting their own personal targets and milestones and achieving them. Students will be encouraged to take calculated risks in a safe environment and persevere when challenges are difficult. They will learn to lead others as well as be an active part of a group.

From our dedicated expedition base in, your child will explore the beautiful, staying in remote alpine huts to discover a new side to the iconic countryside.

Our highly trained guides will lead your child through an inspirational programme.

On their first day, your child will learn skills like map reading, navigation and cooking to master the challenging terrain. They will then take a 2-day hike into the, carrying their own equipment and staying in local huts at night, preparing their own food as they go.

Your child will also spend a day on Glacier 3000. After taking a gondola up to the glacier, they will participate in outdoor activities, learning about the glacial environment and the impact of climate change.

Back at , students will participate in teambuilding and leadership activities and will have the opportunity to experience culture at its best in a day trip to local cheese and chocolate manufacturers.

In the lead up to the expedition, we have developed a training programme that will help your child fully prepare for their adventure. They will participate in a variety of webinars, exercises and tasks in their school groups and will also connect with students around the world in our dedicated planning area on Global Campus Online.

This experience has been designed to help your child collaborate with their fellow students, connect with the environment, and develop valuable life skills such as leadership, self-reliance, risk-taking, flexible thinking, organisation and perseverance. We believe this will be a memorable and motivating experience for every child, giving them a sense of self-accomplishment.

Global Campus Worldwide Citizenship Expedition

Your child will grow as a global citizen whilst learning key skills through our expedition to Tanzania. It combines a highly rewarding programme of service work to support a local community with a two-day educational Safari through the Tarangire national park.

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