The school fees is decided based on the expenditure Incurred towards
1. Monthly salary of all the categories of the staff.

2. Expenses towards Convince Facility and Uniform for Staff.

3. Expenses towards Staff requirement

4.Expenses towards Sports and Games Activities

5. Expenses towards Participation of students in Garriem and Sports

6. Expenses towards Function and Festival Celebrations.

7. Expenses towards. Educational field trips and in-house visits.

8. Expenses towards Clean water and better sanitation for students.

9. Expenses towards State of Art Library, facilities.

10, Expenses towards. Language Lab.

11. Expenses towards Availability of Bulletin Boards, TeachingActivities, Aids and Supporting Materials.
12.  Expenses towards Motivational Awards, Certificates of Participation, Assessment records.
13. Expenses towards Stationeries and Xerox materials.

14: Expenses towards conduction of exams.

15. Expenses towards Furniture and Equipment.

16. Expenses towards 24 X 7 Security Service…

17. Expenses towards Sms services and circulars.

18. Expenses towards Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software by Next Education

19 Expenses towards CCTV Surveillance systems.

20. Expenses towards health and hygiene safety

21 Expenses towards School Stationeries and Learning materials.

22- Expenses towards students’ skill development activities material, Art & Craft activity material, drawing material. etc.
23. Expenses towards School Infrastructure Development and maintenance.

24. Expense’s towards High-end technology comprising School Management Software for Management/administration of the school.
25. Expenses towards First Aid.

As per fee norms, We are increasing nearly 10% of fees not more than that., this passes in the yearly meeting of our authoraties.